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This is a SECOND edition paperback copy of American Nomads by N.L. McLaughlin


This book is signed.


Beth always dreamed of being popular. Of living a life filled with fun, travel, and adventure. A life without rules or expectations. A life worthy of sharing online. These hopes and aspirations were nothing more than distant dreams until a chance encounter with a young drifter.


Beautiful, outgoing, and brimming with confidence, River is everything Beth wishes she could be. She introduces Beth to her tight-knit family of misfits and vagabonds; Zac, the strong, watchful protector; Cash, a charismatic con man always ready with a witty remark; Finn, feral is the word the others used to describe him. His disdain for outsiders is a barrier for most; and Teague, thoughtful and calm with his funny Cajun accent, he is the light against Finn’s darkness.


Enthralled by their stories of adventure and travel, when they invite Beth to come along, she jumps at the chance.


They show her a world of hidden beauty, petty theft, cheap whiskey and limitless freedom. A world where the next grand adventure is only a train hop away. A world without safety, where darkness roams freely, unrestrained by rules or authorities. When all hell breaks loose, Beth wonders if she made a horrible mistake. Who are these people? Was she really safe with them? Would she be willing to give up her budding online fame for safety?


Book Size: 6x9, 370 pages


There are no returns or refunds for signed items.




American Nomads - 2nd Ed - Signed Paperback

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