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This is the third book in the American Nomads series by N.L. McLaughlin


This book is signed.


Sometimes people must walk through fire.

With Cash recovering from his injury, Teague and Zac have no other choice than to set out on their own. Luckily for them, the rest of their Nomad family lends their time and talents to the desperate search for Finn.

Unknown to the Nomads, Shane is also on a mission to find his son. Well known among outlaws and vagabonds, he calls in every favor to assist in the search.

As the days become weeks, Finn sinks deeper into the abyss, losing all hope—losing himself completely.

Will his family find him before he’s too far gone? Is there any hope for reconciliation?

Can they forgive Finn for all he’s done?

Can he forgive himself?


Book Size: 6x9, 344 pages


There are no returns or refunds for signed items.




Imaginary Dragons - 1st Ed - Signed Paperback

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