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Life has returned to normal for the Nomads. Finn and Teague are closer than ever. The bond between River and Cash is evolving into something more, and Zac has his family of misfits. Even Beth has come into her own. No longer a greenie, she is now a full, contributing member of the group. Her internet fame has blossomed beyond anything she could have ever imagined.




Riding the rails from one adventure to another, life is perfect.


But alas, the adage holds true—you can’t outrun your past. In fact, sometimes, your past come looking for you.

Recently released from prison, Daniel is on the hunt for Finn. Thanks to Beth’s videos, he has a trail that will lead him straight to his quarry.


As the miles scroll by, the distance between Daniel and Finn shortens, bringing them closer to a showdown.


Who will survive when their paths collide?




This is a 6x9 paperback copy of Lost Boys by N.L. McLaughlin


This book is signed.


There are no returns or refunds for signed items.






Lost Boys - Signed Paperback

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