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Visiting Denton

Yesterday we spent the day tooling around Denton, taking lots of photos.

The first couple chapters take place around this weird little city that was our home for so many years. I will tell you it was odd being here knowing that all our kids were not here, that they were instead home in Arizona. It made the trip a little sad, but we still had a great time.

Since I was not even in Texas when I wrote these chapters, I had to be sure my memory was accurate, so we spent some time driving and walking around in the places mentioned. Just to make sure I did it all some justice and accurately described the feelings, sights and sounds...and of course, the people.

It was kinda cool walking the same streets that my characters walked, or is it that they walked the same streets that I walked...hmmm.

Today we are driving down to Austin for the day.

Did I mention the title of the first book is Tejas? Well, now you know.

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